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As I close out my campaign reports and file the necessary forms to do so, I wanted to thank you one more time for your support as I ran for the Coral Springs Commission. Your support made it possible for us to run a great campaign. Many political observers in Coral Springs have stated that they have rarely seen such a well-run campaign with the type of support our campaign generated. Your support helped us achieve this.


Although we fell short of our goal, I finished a strong second in the race, out of six candidates. Of course, that close finish means that many people are asking if I will run for a commission seat again in the future. I am certainly considering that possibility, but for now, I simply wanted to express my thanks for your support for the past campaign.


I know that when you support a campaign, you are investing your trust. My goal is to live up to that trust no matter what. As we work together to make our community better, that will always be one of my personal goals.


To a better future.





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