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Keeping Coral Springs Affordable

In 2017, the City Commission voted for an almost 23% property tax increase for the homeowners of Coral Springs. At the beginning of 2018, city voters said “no” to a seventy-five-million-dollar bond referendum, a referendum that the City Commission had asked voters to approve. In 2018 and 2019, the City Commission again voted to raise property taxes by not reducing the millage rate to adjust for property value increases. At the end of 2018, the City Commission voted to add a new fee structure for Stormwater Recovery, an expense that residents saw added to their 2019 property tax bill, and to this point has always been covered by regular property taxes. Adding such fee structures is one way that cities increase amounts that residents pay without increasing taxes, and thus by-passes homestead exemptions.

This continuing years of increased property taxes, the attempted bond referendum, and the added fee structure is all part of a concerning trend in Coral Springs that is taking a larger portion of the average homeowners income.

As the commissioner for seat 3, I pledge to resist tax increases and fee structure additions that make our community less affordable.