COVID-19 Pandemic Response

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Keeping Coral Springs Safe

Our community has taken unprecedented steps to respond to the ongoing health crisis brought on by COVID-19. I am very pleased that we are now reopening Coral Springs so that businesses can recover from the shutdown. I believe, especially for the sake of our small business owners, that we must continue to expedite the opening of our city and county.

 I believe the steps that our city commission has taken, especially in view of the guidance that was available, have been wise and prudent. I believe our city manager, Frank Babinec, has enacted well-thought out orders to help safeguard our most vulnerable citizens during this time of uncertainty. Of course, now, it is time for those who have proven least-at-risk to go about their lives, while we also continue to protect those most-at-risk.

One thing that has clearly been brought into focus during this time, is how our city and county governments have the ability to effect the lives of so many people at a moment's notice. I am running for the Coral Springs Commission because I have learned over many years of being involved in leadership that it is best to govern with a light hand. The goal of city government must be to do what it can to create a prosperous and safe community, without getting too much in the way of the people who live and work there. That is a difficult thing to accomplish in a pandemic situation. It is also a reason to elect a trusted and proven leader who has led a successful organization for over 30 years. I have a track record of helping people without hindering them. That type of track record is important for anyone who is running for office today.