Public Safety & Schools

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Focusing on Public Safety

Our police and fire departments are among the finest in Florida. The resources, training, and equipment that our city provides to these departments is critical. When we give them the tools they need, they are able to perform at the level we need.

 Our goal must be to do all we can to foster continued excellence in our departments. This includes allocating necessary training and resources for our personnel to meet the dynamic needs of a city such as Coral Springs. We also must continue to provide the economic incentives that are needed to continue to attract qualified personnel who are a credit to our community. 

The safety of our schools is one of the paramount public safety issues that we must continue to address. As a part of the Coral Springs Commission I would continue to insist that our school's have a single point of entry, and that the school board live up to the promise they made when the SMART Bond was approved by our county's voters. I believe that the MSD Commission report, the President’s Commission on School Safety report, and SB7206 are important tools to address our school safety issues, and I would work to make sure that these tools are used in the best possible ways to make our schools safer.