Recreation & Aesthetics

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Keeping Our Parks Maintained, and Our City Pristine

As mentioned above under Economic Growth, our parks and recreation opportunities are an important part of this community, and we must do all we can not only to continue to provide an incredible recreational experience for everyone who visits one of our parks, but to improve our parks as necessary and appropriate.

I have enjoyed Coral Springs' parks since the time I first moved to the city in 1987. As my children grew, they became part of Coral Springs swim club at the aquatic center for many years, and they still return to swim and work out there when they are in town. I believe that our parks and recreation facilities are an important asset that must continue to be cared for and improved. That is one of the reasons why I believe we need to foster economic growth, so that we can continue to enjoy excellence in our parks and recreation system.

It is also an absolute necessity for any city that wants to maintain its curb appeal, and keep property values high, that the code enforcement departments be efficient and equitable. When properties are not kept up, a whole neighborhood can lose value, and residents of that neighborhood can feel the negative impacts of blight. 

This is why our code enforcement department is so important. However, dealing with code enforcement issues can feel disconcerting and harsh. We must continue to develop better ways for interaction with code enforcement, better follow-up for special needs cases, and a fine structure that encourages compliance without bankrupting homeowners.

Our objective is a better Coral Springs, and we can all work together to achieve it.