Servant Leadership

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Setting an Example of Service

Recently, I have had some amazing interactions with city staff in and around City Hall. I have always enjoyed interacting with those who are employed by our city. I believe we have amazing employees who are second to none, and that they are a wonderful asset to our community.

Obviously, there are others in our community who, whether fairly or unfairly, don't feel quite the same way that I do. As a member of the Customer Involved Government Committee, I can testify that our city staff works hard to be customer-centered. However, our elected leaders must lead by example. As the city commission sets an atmosphere that values every staff member, and provides an opportunity for all employees to reach their full potential, morale is elevated, and residents can't help but directly benefit.

 One of the important jobs of every elected official is to continually assess employee morale, and give employees the support and training they need to reach their full potential. In this way, we can become the customer-focused city that we all want to see.

I plan on working hard to assess employee morale, to take action if it is slipping, and to continually encourage a resident-centered focus in all our plans and efforts on behalf of the community. I also promise to be available for any of the residents of our community who think that the city is failing at this mission, and to explore ways that we can improve at this very important part of what we do.