The Protests in Coral Springs and Beyond

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Keeping Coral Springs United

There was a large protest in Coral Springs on Tuesday, June 2nd, at the NW corner of University Drive and Sample Road. Protestors came together to grieve the death of George Floyd, and to call for a better tomorrow for all of us.

 Since my congregation is currently located in the shopping plaza of the protest (we are moving to our own property in mid-summer), it took place right in front of our location. I found out about the scheduled protest from the Coral Springs Police Department on June 1st, and immediately made plans with the Clergy Coalition to distribute water to protect people from dehydration during the afternoon's activities. Water was donated by the protest organizers, individuals and congregations, but by far the largest supply of water that we handed out came from the CSPD.

 I was able to be at the event all afternoon and witnessed it from right next to the organizer’s tent. My thanks to the Coral Springs Police Department, which not only reached out to the Clergy Coalition to inform us of the event, but also provided amazing security, in addition to providing a great deal of the water. My thanks also to the organizers of this event, who pledged to keep the event peaceful, respectful, and focused; and they most certainly kept that pledge.

 I have been focused on bringing our community together in unity for over thirty years. I have been doing this by serving the diverse members of our faith and ethnic communities. I understand that the issues of justice are important; our nation was founded on those principles. I support the right of peaceful protest as a cherished First Amendment right. I also applaud the City of Coral Springs police and fire departments for all they do to keep everyone safe during the protests. I believe that clearly speaking out is a vital part of our national heritage, and I also believe that those who do so with integrity will strive to love their neighbors as themselves and protect the people and the property around them.

 We are certainly living in difficult days, and it is good to know that the City of Coral Springs, its police and fire departments, as well as city staff are capable of maintaining order, and restoring order when things become unsettled.

 One of the reasons I am running for the Coral Springs Commission, Seat 3, is that I wish to continue to support our incredible police officers and other first responders, and to give them the resources and training they need to continue to do their jobs with excellence and the even-handedness they have demonstrated during this difficult time.